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The Mouse Who Poked an Elephant…

The Mouse Who Poked an Elephant
December 5, 2018

I started to write this book in 2015.

M y initial intent was to write a satirical book that stimulated discussion about: broken political systems, greedy Baby Boomers, and our insatiable appetite for raping the planets resources in the name of corporate profit.

The first draft was OK, but something was missing. I realized the book needed a focal point or villain in order to be more believable. I was going to invent a villain- the book is satirical fiction after all- but then a perfect real life villain decided to run for the highest public office in the USA.

The second draft of the book intended to warn people that if we weren’t careful, an arrogant, uninformed, impulsive buffoon like Donald Trimp might someday win a major political party’s nomination to run for President. I thought (then) the mere fact he was running was enough to frighten people…

The third draft of the book was written after Mr Trimp won the Republican Party nomination in July 2016. I wanted to sound a warning that a major superpower actually came close to electing an arrogant, racist, sexist, entitled, tax evading billionaire. It still didn’t seem like a real possibility, but still- I felt like the book could serve as a warning for future generations…

The fourth draft of the book was written after midnight on 8 November 2016. I spoke to a lot of people who felt and still feel physically ill after this election. Although it’s hard to write while vomiting, I really feel like this election result inspired a truly great book. As a Canadian, I normally wouldn’t bother to voice my concern about the elected officials in a neighboring country. Unless a major superpower with a butt load of nuclear weapons elected the world’s most dangerous leader since Adolph Hitler. Then I feel like it’s my duty as a concerned citizen of our planet to voice my concern…

T he Mouse Who Poked an Elephant is about change and hope. The book offers some practical and realistic suggestions to improve on: broken political systems, greedy Baby Boomers, and our insatiable appetite for…stuff.

Here’s a short list of who shouldn’t read the book: anyone who owns an assault rifle firing more than 120 rounds in 60 seconds; anyone who might start a war or destroy the environment to maximize profit for their shareholders; climate change deniers and those people who still believe that Mr Trimp is correct and right in putting “America First” – even if it means destroying the global environment.

Here’s a long list of who should read the book: — everyone not listed above.

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  1. Gloria June Dawn Smith (aka Marnie McFadden, author of "The Floating Dock") says:

    I have to agree fully with your assessment of Mr. Trimp. I was surprised to see that you noted the similarity to Hitler – I’ve thought the same thing myself. I can’t believe so many people were blind to the dangers he imposes on our country and the US and Mexico, and ultimately the rest of the world.

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