Mark Piper

The author’s early years were spent in three small but beautiful Southern Ontario communities: Paris, Huntsville and Springfield. As a teenager Mark survived (more or less) by working (more or less) as a : gravedigger, farmassist, greenskeeper, construction labourer and tree planter.

About The Author

Mark Piper

At the age of 20 – seeking some direction, adventure (and hoping to stay out of trouble) Mark joined the Royal Canadian Navy. Over a 33 year career, the author was promoted through the ranks to Chief Petty Officer First Class, and then Commissioned From the Ranks to serve as a Logistics Officer.

Mark served proudly in seven Ships, on various multinational deployments at sea, and on peacekeeping tours in Israel and Afghanistan.

While stationed in Halifax, he met his wife Elaine. They were married in 1986 and have 2 grown sons. Credit for any semblance of sanity or logical behavior exhibited by the author since 1986 is due entirely to the influence of the authors wife and children.

Follow The Author

Mark and Elaine live in Dartmouth and Lake Charlotte Nova Scotia in the warmer months. They love to travel when it’s colder, so if you are planning to visit, or if he owes you money, give them a heads up.

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